Welcome to Elk Star Ranch Artwork! I am Melissa - the owner and artist.

I have passion for horses that came from being raised on a small ranch with Appaloosas, Miniature Horses, and Quarter Horses. I learned to ride bareback, western, english, and drive harness horses. I have owned and ridden several other breeds of horses including Tennessee Walking Horses, Morgans, Arabians, and many other breeds. I was also raised around dog showing and have owned several wonderful dogs and a few cats over my lifetime.

I became interested in model horse showing and painting around 1985, though I had several models and a large collection of horse figurines before then. I learned from talented artists and am still learning new and varying techniques. I have live and photo shown for several years as well.

I have an interest in all colors but seem to paint a lot more bays than anything. I do fantasy horses, crafts, dolls, medallions, create websites, sing, and volunteer for the local Police Department Auxiliary along with working full time at the local hospital.

I love hiking, horseback riding, and photography. Living in Colorado provides me with many opportunities to enjoy these activities.

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